Not this confused again...

In love with the shapes of you?

In love with the shapes of you?

Is it called “Shapes”? Is it called “Mama”? No, it’s called “Genesis” and it was released on October 3rd 1983, a mere 10 years after “Selling England By The Pound” if you can believe it!
The album marked a distinct change in sound for the band, which many fans loved (and equally as many hated), but despite that it proved to be a huge success, selling over 4 million copies to hit no.1 in the UK and no.9 in the USA. But it was the single “Mama” that really helped to break the album, reaching no.4 in the UK to be their most successful single to date. It was a slightly different story in the USA however, as “That’s All” was the first single from the album and turned out to be the big hit from the album.
Written and recorded at The Farm, it was the first to be entirely created from jam sessions, hence the collective title for the album “Genesis”. It was an attempt to get back to the pop sound that had been the original intention of those Carthusians all those years before…actually only 15 years before. Crikey! They certainly worked hard didn’t they? 12 albums in 15 years? WHAT HAPPENED PETER?

But in the 21st Century, fresh off the massive success of their live set at Wembley, Gary and Simon are attempting to raise the profile of the pub. Gary has some sort of scheme going on which involves a well-known BBC TV show. What do the boys think of the album? How many different vegetables can Gary name? Does anyone want to buy a Llama? And, perhaps most importantly, is “Illegal Alien” racist?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and so, so much more in this all new episode.

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