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“It’s just strips of paper…” - R.Leishi 2019

“It’s just strips of paper…” - R.Leishi 2019

Down on The Farm, something is afoot! It’s Genesis and they’re working on their 11th studio album “Abacab”, named after a random sequence of musical bits and pieces. Recorded in May and June, before being released on 18th September 1981, Abacab marks a huge change of sound for the band. No longer truly “prog”, and featuring predominantly tracks jammed in the studio, the album utterly divided fans and even led to the band being boo-ed on tour.
Undoubtedly influenced by the runaway success of Phils’ “Face Value”, it also in a way saw the band returning to their roots, with shorter, poppier tracks and outside musicians used for the first time since their debut. It sets out the blueprint that Genesis will pursue for the rest of their Phill Collins era, and ultimately lead to their most successful phase.

Back in the future, Gary and Simon have arrived in London and have a very important date to keep. It’s a race across the city with the fate of the podcast at stake! Will they make it? Which track is Gary’s favourite? Will Simon surprise Gary with a shocking revelation? Do they (ahem) like it or not? Will the pub be saved? All these questions will be answered.

Featuring guest stars:
Taxi Driver: Richmond Leishi
Big Jim: Ray Grast
Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg as themselves
Some Nuns

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