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One of the people in my life, pictured last week.

One of the people in my life, pictured last week.

1979 was not a great year for Phil Collins. However, the breakdown of his marriage lead to a huge burst of creativity and ultimately brought us his classic first solo album “Face Value”. Similarly, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford recorded and released their first solo efforts.
This podcast is not, however, about those albums. Instead we have a listen to the tenth studio album, and the second recorded by the most famous and successful line up. Duke was released on 24th March 1980 and was their very first number 1 album in the UK!
The album saw a return to longer songs following …And Then There Were Three…’s dalliance with shorter tracks. It also contains what could be considered the first proper Genesis “Pop” song, which went on to become the 7th biggest single of 1980 in Canada!

In this bumper 20th edition of The Revelation Station, the boys get embroiled in a mystery on their way to an important date and decide to while away the time by turning an ear to Gary’s first experience of Genesis’ music. Does it hold up after so long? Is it a royal success or a big pile of dookie? Can Simon accurately predict which songs Gary will hate? Just whodunnit? The answers to all these questions will be revealed…

Featuring guest stars:
Tea Lady: Kay MrsGary
Hercule Poirot: Richmond Leishi
And a cast of thousands!

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