Your side. My side. The truth.

But…but it has 4 sides?

But…but it has 4 sides?

1982 was a quiet year for the boys in the band. Not. Although there was no studio album released, they put out the 3x3 EP and embarked on an extensive tour culminating in a reunion in Milton Keynes with Peter Gabriel (and Steve Hackett). Phil released an album which built on the success of Face Value. Mike released an album which is largely best forgotten. Tony recorded an album which wasn’t released until 1983.

And, of course, they released their third live album “Three Sides Live”, featuring live recordings from the Duke and Abacab tours for the most part. The international release was an unusual hybrid of live tracks and studio tracks, including the unreleased in the US, 3x3 EP. The UK version was an unusual hybrid of live tracks and...some more live tracks?

Back in London, Gary and Simon have made it to Wembley for their live gig. Will they get in? What happens when Gary decides to crowdsurf? Who has the weirdest rider request and will the boys learn a new fact about fireworks? Find out the answers to all these questions and more in this exciting episode.

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