Super slicks and has-beens

A game of 3 halves…

A game of 3 halves…

1977 was an important year for Genesis. They had proven the critics wrong and laid the ghost of Peter Gabriel to rest with their first Phil Collins fronted albums in 1976, and were rapidly becoming one of the biggest live acts on the planet.

Because of a hectic touring schedule, no new studio album was released this year, instead an EP of unused tracks from the Wind & Wuthering sessions was released on 20th May, and the double live album Seconds Out would emerge in October. Sadly, Steve Hackett wouldn’t see out the year as guitarist with the band, leaving this EP of three songs as his parting shot.

In the right now, Gary and Simon muse over the merits of the EP whilst completing a favour for a friend. What do they think of the songs herein? Is it a worthy final tribute to Steve? Should any of these have been on Wind & Wuthering? Or should 50 tonnes of it be dumped on the Foreign Office Roof? Find out the answers to all these questions and more in this special episode.

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