No business like show business.

End of round two…

End of round two…

For their second (geddit?) release of 1977, Genesis unleashed their second (geddit) live album, Seconds Out. Recorded at the Palais de Sport in Paris mostly between 11th and 14th June 1977 (with The Cinema Show recorded at the same venue on 23rd June 1976), this double live set is widely regarded as one of “the best live albums ever, by Genesis fans at least, and was released to critical acclaim.

The album would be released in October 1977, by which time Steve Hackett had already departed the group for solo pastures, and in fact the remaining trio would have recorded their next release, more of that next time. Another chapter of the book of Genesis closed and a new era would begin in 1978.

Right here, right now, Gary and Simon discuss the album in a most appropriate setting. Do they agree with the fan consensus about the album’s greatness? Does Gary learn to love Suppers Ready? What do they think of Phil covering Peter? All this and more can be found in this episode.

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