My hopes are as the leaves upon the water...

Yes it is, that’s the magic number…

Yes it is, that’s the magic number…

In May 1982 Genesis released their second EP, 3x3, onto an unsuspecting world. Made up of leftovers from the Abacab sessions it proved to be a modest hit in the UK charts, just like their first EP.
Lead track “Paperlate“ managed to be an homage to both 70’s and 80’s Genesis whilst the other two tracks were also on the EP.

But meanwhile, with the future of the Pub assured, Gary and Simon continue their London adventure with a nice relaxing trip on a bus to their next appointment. It seems Simon has meticulously planned the journey BUT what will happen when things go awry? Get ready for rush hour…

Featuring guest stars:
Bus Driver: Ray Grast
Bouncer: Richmond Leishi
And a recurring cast of thousands.

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Incidentally, A Happy Christmas to all of you at home...

Greetings listeners! It’s been a great year for The Revelation Station, so I wanted to provide a little minisode by way of thanks. I hope you enjoy the treats herein (but if not at least it’s only 20 minutes long).

As mentioned in the show notes here are links to all of the tracks played:

Kill Bill In The Air Tonight by Bobbi Martini

Abacab/Faint by Ben Double M

Mama Will Rock You by Ben Liebrand

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We’ll be back after the New Year with new episodes, for now we’re off on our Hols!

Midweek Hackett Madness!

On October 1st 2018, Steve Hackett began his Genesis Revisited with Band and Orchestra tour in Nottingham.

Here are the thoughts of two fools who went to see that show. Recorded live, respectively, on a Tram; in a branch of Starbucks and in Simon's car. The sound quality is variable in places and topics of discussion include: Coffee, Trams, Vodka and what Steve might get up to on his visit to Nottingham.

NOTE: May contain some swears!

You lucky things! A new episode to follow on Friday! Woo-hoo!

Unexpected item in the bagging area

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Greetings! Due to real life the next episode has been delayed, so in the meantime please enjoy this minisode. It features a conversation cut from the A Trick Of The Tail episode and some outtakes. The music used is called "Prodigy", I found it on the internet in about 2005 so I have no idea who it's by. If it's by you, or you know who it is by, drop me an email and I'll give a credit.

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Extra! Extra! Unknown band scores documentary!

Remember the time Genesis did that music for that documentary? Nope, me neither.

Remember the time Genesis did that music for that documentary? Nope, me neither.

In 1970 the BBC commissioned a documentary on the artist Michael Jackson, no not that one, and asked everyone's favourite, teenage, unknown, prog band to come up with the music. It sounds like a match made in heaven. Lost until 2007, where they were part of that years 1970-1975 box set, these 4 tracks are an interesting look at a developing sound.

What will Gary say, say, say to having his brand new day interrupted by Simon to talk about the history of this music and me? Will he tell him to beat it or scream "leave me alone?" Does he think the tracks are bad or does he like the way they make him feel? Will Simon be able to live with himself everytime he looks at the man in the mirror? He probably won't stop 'til he gets enough. Errrm...some sort of pun involving Earth Song. You get the picture.

This is the second of two minisodes, look out for a full length episode coming soon. In the meantime you can send us feedback to


One of Magog's hordes, swarming around.

One of Magog's hordes, swarming around.

We've been so far from here, but now we're back again. And babe it's gonna work out fine. Probably.

After a hiatus, to recover from the traumatic events of episode 6a & 6b, Gary and Simon turn their attention to the classic Genesis Live album in the first of two special "minisodes".

Released on 20th July 1973, Genesis Live was the bands first UK top 10 album. Originally conceived as a double album, the eventual release was a stripped down compilation released at a budget price.

Gary and Simon cast their eye...their ear? Over the LP and give their opinions in their own unique way. Where could Gary be going? Which track does Simon hate? Which zone is for unloading only? Find out in this mini-episode.

If you enjoyed this episode let us know at and listen out for the second minisode next week.