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Would you buy a used demo off these men?

Would you buy a used demo off these men?

In 1998, barely a year after the band released their last studio album, the classic 5 man line up reunited to compile 4CDs of largely unreleased tracks. Covering the years 1967-1975 (although the tracks are placed in roughly reverse order) this gem contains the only official live recording of the whole of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (bar "IT" due to a lazy tape op), and demos of the band from before they were even tied to a record deal.

Returning to the pub a broken man, literally, Gary does his best to find some joy within these tracks. Will he agree that Supper's Ready is a masterpiece? Will Simon be able to convince him it's worth the purchase? Will either of them get beaten up by the barman? Find out the answer to all these questions and more in this special episode.

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Look out for the next episode coming soon, in which we turn our attention back to the regular releases with A Trick Of The Tail.

Extra! Extra! Unknown band scores documentary!

Remember the time Genesis did that music for that documentary? Nope, me neither.

Remember the time Genesis did that music for that documentary? Nope, me neither.

In 1970 the BBC commissioned a documentary on the artist Michael Jackson, no not that one, and asked everyone's favourite, teenage, unknown, prog band to come up with the music. It sounds like a match made in heaven. Lost until 2007, where they were part of that years 1970-1975 box set, these 4 tracks are an interesting look at a developing sound.

What will Gary say, say, say to having his brand new day interrupted by Simon to talk about the history of this music and me? Will he tell him to beat it or scream "leave me alone?" Does he think the tracks are bad or does he like the way they make him feel? Will Simon be able to live with himself everytime he looks at the man in the mirror? He probably won't stop 'til he gets enough. Errrm...some sort of pun involving Earth Song. You get the picture.

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I want a drink!

The subtle knife (not pictured).

The subtle knife (not pictured).

Many bands have that difficult second album syndrome, although in reality this was a new first album. The band decide to bite the bullet and actually tour. Charisma records sign them and they team up with artist Paul Whitehead for the first time. One of those things is worse than the rest. Can you guess which one?

In this episode! We find out that, although the snow might stop him, nothing gets between Simon and a discussion about Genesis! The boys listen to Trespass, the difficult second album, and Gary discovers that Belgium doesn't just have good taste in beer.
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Everyone's gone to the moon...

Album cover to one of the re-releases of Genesis' debut.

Album cover to one of the re-releases of Genesis' debut.

4 school friends (and someone they knew who could play drums) form a songwriting collective and get the attention of a famous pop producer. This is the first step on the road to the huge band they would become.

50 Years ago Genesis released their first single. Now in 2018, two guys sit down in a pub and discuss the song and the debut album that followed. Gary's never heard it before, Simon's dismissed it as a curio. Will Gary enjoy it? Will Simon change his opinion? What will they be drinking this week? Find out in this bumper first episode of The Revelation Station podcast.

In the beginning...

...There was the word. And the word was Genesis...

Genesis released their first single 50 years ago! 50 years! So to celebrate Simon made his friend Gary listen to all the Genesis albums in order and then review them in the local pub, commonly known as The Revelation Station. What will Gary think? Will they stay friends? Is the beer here any good? The answer to these questions will probably be revealed.

In this introductory first episode we meet the boys, who enjoy a quiet pint in the snug and discuss how they first heard the band.